Because simple is just better.

Created by a mom who wanted the best for the new addition to her life who became her world. OrgaNums is introducing clean nutrition to the baby food category... and it's scrumptious! (if we do say so ourselves)


At OrgaNums, our mission is straightforward.

We genuinely want to offer parents a truly clean, healthy, safe alternative to the shelf stable brands that we’re all so used to. This saves you from having to make it yourself which in turn, gives you time to do the important things, like snuggling, playing, and teaching without compromising on your little one’s nutrition. It’s that simple.

Our Benefits


We very purposefully pack our product in cups because, although convenient, pouches have been proven to stifle babies development of motor skills, make it difficult to transition to utensils.



We buy quality organic ingredients from farmers right here in the U.S. (with the exception of bananas, which are still organic, but not local).


We carefully produce our line in small batches rather than mass- producing.


Our recipes are cold-pressed meaning we are able to eliminate the use of heat which irrevocably alters the flavor of the ingredients processed. Our flavors are as true, scrumptious, and clean.


We cold-press our recipes which simply put, allows us to make your tiny human’s food safe while also leaving the vitamins, nutrients, & flavor intact that other baby foods are lacking.

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As a pediatrician with a special interest in baby nutrition, it’s been a long time since I’ve been impressed by innovation in the baby food aisle. The only new news in years has been the introduction of pouches, and I rarely recommend pouches to my patients. Babies learn to eat by seeing, smelling and tasting their food, which is one of the benefits of spoon feeding! So when I discovered Tiny Human Food, I was ecstatic. First, I loved the name – the recognition that babies are tiny humans and should be treated as such. I loved the fact that the food is cold pressed, which makes it much more nutritious than the overcooked purees in jars that can sit on a grocer's shelf for years. And I loved that Tiny Human Food comes in cups, to help tiny humans learn to eat like big ones. Tiny Human Food is the breakthrough I've been waiting for.


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