OrgaNums Line of Products



Organic Ingredients  •  No Fillers or Dilution  •  No Preservatives  •  No GMO’s
•  No Sweeteners  •  Always Fresh  •  Natural Fruit Fiber  •  Nutrient-Rich

Welcome to OrgaNums… Cold Pressed, Organic Tiny Human Food

– for parents who want to provide the highest quality nutrition for their infants. OrgaNums are produced from 100% organic fruits and vegetables with no additives or preservatives. Each variety has the same real taste of the fruits and vegetables that were used to produce them. And, unlike shelf stable baby foods, OrgaNums are not cooked at high temperatures but are packaged refrigerated and pasteurized with high pressure without affecting flavor and nutrition. Parents who feed their infants OrgaNums Organic Tiny Human Food can be sure that their infants will receive the tastes and nutrition of real organic fruits and vegetables.

The Honest Company

We are a proud affiliate of The Honest Company.

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