Lucca Rossi

Founder, Ashley Rossi’s son & first OrgaNums baby, Luca

With the birth of my second daughter, grew a curiosity to feed my newborn whole and organic fruits and vegetables, free of all that other “gunk” that is typical of a grocery store shelf brand. I considered making my own organic baby foods, but quickly realized that as a single working mom I will have limited free time for the foreseeable future.

A month into my search for the perfect baby food, I came across OrgaNums! A producer of truly organic baby foods that are made free of preservatives and pesticides, rich in nutrients, who have the same philosophy as I do for my growing baby.

My experience with OrgaNums has been amazing (an understatement at best). From the customer service and the very reasonable pricing over to the user friendly website and the finished products of fruits and vegetables that I taste myself, consistency is what comes to mind. I recommend OrgaNums to any family who wants the very best for their “Tiny Humans.”

~Jessica Taylor

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